New Source

Sources are a way to bookmark locations that are regularly treated with pesticides without re-entering information each time a new application is added.

  • Source Code: A 10-digit numeric identifier for the source. Must be unique to the agency, but not throughout the system. Each agency can assign codes however they want. Codes that have not yet been assigned for sources in your current agency will be listed in the Available Ranges box on the righthand side of the screen. Available ranges
  • Source Name: Recommended; an easier way to remember the name for the source. Source Code and Source Name will be searchable and autocompleted on the data entry pages so it’s helpful to assign this field.
  • Address: The address of or nearest intersection to the source.
  • Waters of the US: Is the source classifed as a Waters of the US location? Check if yes.
  • Comments: Any additional notes that should be recorded with this source.
  • Coordinates: The spatial location for the source. This can be determined by geocoding the address through the address fields above or the box below the map, or by using one of the geographical features icons on the map to draw a point, polygon, or line. Geographical features