Account Preferences

Use this page to customize the VectorSurv Gateway displays and exports data.

Data Format

  • Date: Change how the date is displayed. Default is Y-M-D, example: 2019-05-24
  • Time: Change from 24-hour (default) to 12-hour clock.
  • Latitude/Longitude: Change from Decimal Degrees (default) to Degrees Minutes Seconds or Degrees Minutes


Here, you can change how exported documents are saved. The default settings are 05418 for Label Type, Microsoft Excel for Spreadsheet Format, Microsoft Word for Text Format, and Compressed KML for Spatial Format.

General Settings

This allows you to edit the background color of the active form input field as a hexadecimal color code or by selecting along the color wheel that appears when you click in the field. Default is #C1FFC1 (light green).

Units of Measurement

Change between metric (default) and US units for Length, Mass, Temperature, and Volume.

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