Spatial Tools

Use these tools to help manage spatial aspects of your data.


This tool will extract long/lat coordinates from an address typed into the Location field or uploaded in a file, which is advantageous for geocoding multiple addresses at once. Note that the geocode file must follow a specific format for the import to be successful, which can be found at the box to the righthand side of the screen. This feature is also available when adding a new site by its address.

Spatial Features

Saved spatial features are useful for filtering within an agency for output/export files. Get started by clicking on “New Feature”, then “Add Polygon”. Click on the map to add as many vertices as necessary. Name the feature and tick the boxes for the appropriate sharing settings. You can save the feature by clicking on “Save Feature” or “Save Feature As” to use it for data visualization.

You can also directly import features saved from another mapping software using the boxes to the right. A public layer indicates that these boundaries can be shown on public-facing maps. Spatial features boxes

VectorSurv Maps

This is a link to VectorSurv Maps