Let's control vector-borne disease.

VectorSurv helps public health agencies manage surveillance data, visualize trends, and make real-time decisions to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases and protect public health.

  • VectorSurv Gateway

    VectorSurv Gateway

    Vector control and public health agencies use the Gateway to manage and analyze surveillance and control data. Each agency maintains all privileges to manage its own data and user accounts.

  • VectorSurv Maps

    VectorSurv Maps

    Shows past and present results of surveillance for arboviruses, and invasive mosquitoes. Users with a Gateway login can also visualize abundance, insecticide resistance, and West Nile Virus risk.

  • Coming Soon: Open Data

    Coming Soon

    Soon you'll be able to download mosquito abundance and arbovirus surveillance data from participating VectorSurv agencies in order to conduct your own research.

VectorSurv is made possible by the collaboration and input of our partner agencies and by grants received from the funding partners over the years since we first launched the system in 2006.